I meant to post this a while ago. “Via”:http://thebulletin.org/web-edition/features/silex-and-proliferation MIT’s Scott Kemp, we now have a “public version”:http://www.princeton.edu/~rskemp/SILEX-NPAS-1999 of the unclassified U.S. 1999 Nuclear Proliferation Assessment Statement. The United States issued the required NPAS in order to conclude the 1999 “_Agreement for Cooperation Between Australia and the United States of America Concerning Technology for the Separation of Isotopes of Uranium by Laser Excitation_.”:http://www.princeton.edu/~rskemp/SILEX-treaty.pdf

Scott’s “BAS article”:http://thebulletin.org/web-edition/features/silex-and-proliferation is a great summary of the nonproliferation issues concerning SILEX.

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