Iran Nuclear Fatwa Date

There’s something I don’t quite understand about the nuclear fatwa: two Iranian officials have said that the fatwa was issued in November 2004, although one of those same officials apparently mentioned it in October 2003.

“This”: December 2006 statement from Iran’s then-PermRep to the UN cites a _Kayhan_ article from November 2004. And the Rowhani “interview”: about which I have “previously”: “blogged”: also indicates that Iran’s Supreme Leader issued the fatwa in November 2004.

But an October 25, 2003 IRNA story (sorry can’t find it online) also mentions the fatwa. Its title?

bq. “Iran: Rowhani Says Khamene’i Considers Attempts To Access Nuclear Weapons ‘Religiously Illegal ‘ ”

Not sure I understand why this is the case, but there it is.

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