Restricted Data Blog

I mentioned it once before in “this post,”: but Alex Wallerstein’s “Restricted Data blog”: really is the dog’s danglers.

There’s all manner of great stuff, including the “list of documents”: for download.

In the somewhat less-serious category, there are posts such as “this one”: about USFG reminders to safeguard sensitive information. Specifically, it contains

bq. a *series of OPSEC videos* the DOE Nevada Operations Office put together in what looks like the late 1980s or early 1990s, featuring *the hapless character “Arnold OPSEC.”* They are little film clips (non-animated) demonstrating poor, dumb Arnold OPSEC as he accidentally divulges classified information through clumsy practices.

This “video”: of a guy with a mobile phone the size of a cinderblock is particularly silly.

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