More on India and Enrichment

*Update “here”:*

As a follow-up to “this post,”: I thought I’d post some other related documents from the “National Security Archive.”:

Obviously, this is a subject I’ve been reading about a little.

Two documents concern India’s centrifuge program. According to “this 1982”: assessment, “New Delhi is conducting research into centrifuge enrichment” for nuclear power reactors.

“This”: 1988 assessment says that, according to India, New Delhi had “mastered the enrichment process using an ‘experimental centrifuge’.” The assessment describes the centrifuge as “probably similar to a “Zippe”: centrifuge.”

Interestingly, “this”: 1982 document mentions Indian research on the “Laser Isotope Separation (LIS) method of uranium enrichment,” something I don’t recall hearing about previously. The assessment states that India hadn’t gotten further than “separating sulphur isotopes.”

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