Agni V Test

India “says”: that it successfully tested its Agni V ballistic missile, which has, according to DRDO, a range of 5,000 km.

There is outstanding video from DRDO “here”: and “here.”:

FWIW, although Indian commentators refer to the Agni V as an ICBM, “NASIC defines”: an ICBM as a missile with a range of greater than 5,500 km. A 5,000km-range missile would be an IRBM, according to the 2009 NASIC report, which does not appear to mention the Agni V.

This NDTV video of a DRDO missile lab also has some good missile porn, so to speak:


VK Saraswat discusses details of the launch in this video:

*Update II:*

Wow. Saraswat says that India may develop missiles with ranges in excess of 5,000km (5:13). He also indicates (6:02) that India can develop MRVs for the missile.

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