USFG and Israeli Nuclear Weapons – 1997 Edition

Sort of.

You may recall that Rose Gottemoeller caused a bit of a stir at the 2009 NPT PrepComm when she “included”: Israel on the list of countries which the United States would like to sign the NPT.

Well, I thought of that speech when I read the 1997 version of the Congressionally-mandated “_Report to Congress:
Update on Progress Toward Regional Nonproliferation in South Asia_”: and ran across this:

bq. The U.S. continues to urge India and Pakistan to refrain from conducting a nuclear test, and we continue to monitor the situation in both countries carefully. We have argued that a test would not enhance the security of either country, and would set back *global disarmament efforts, particularly now that all five nuclear weapons states and Israel have signed the CTBT.*

Now, that statement does not _say_ that Israel has nuclear weapons, but there aren’t many other reasons I can think of for including Israel in that list.

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