Amano on Iran

Given what I wrote “here,”: it seemed right to post what IAEA D-G Amano “had to say”: about the IAEA Iran investigation.

According to Amano,

bq.. the February talks initially took place in a constructive spirit. Differences between Iran and the Agency appeared to have narrowed.

However, on the last day of the February talks, Iran reverted to the old approach and sought to re-impose restrictions on our work. *These included obliging the Agency to present a definitive list of questions and denying us the right to revisit issues, or to deal with certain issues in parallel, to name just a few.*

This goes to the core of how we conduct our business. Iran’s position made it impossible to reach agreement.

p. This, to me, is the really interesting part:

bq. I informed the Board of Governors that *statements made by Iran about the discussions with the Agency contain information which is not factually correct.* This is regrettable.

Not sure what he’s referring to…

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