Reuters on Iran Shipping and Sanctions

Reuters has a “report”: about sanctions on Iran’s shipping company IRISL.

Says Reuters:

bq.. …many in the West hold up IRISL as exhibit A for Iran’s ability to evade sanctions because the shipping line regularly reflags its ships and changes their official owners.

An analysis of shipping data sheds new light on that deception.

p. The report claims that

bq. The data shows that in the 48 months before U.S. sanctions began in September 2008, IRISL made 345 changes to its fleet including names, the flags ships sailed under, operators, managers and registered owners. In the 40 months since sanctions began there have been at least 878 changes, including 157 name changes, 94 changes of flag, 122 changes of operator, and 127 changes of registered ownership.

p. In other news, I had no idea that Singapore had a High Court Sheriff. You can discover that and more if you read the rest of the report.

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