How Was I Supposed to Know?

Former President of Pakistan, “Pervez Musharraf,”: on “CNN last month:”:

bq.. BLITZER: How many nuclear bombs does Pakistan have?

MUSHARRAF: I don’t know.



BLITZER: A hundred?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I don’t know. I don’t know.

BLITZER: But you knew when you were the president.


BLITZER: You wouldn’t even know that as president of Pakistan?

MUSHARRAF: No, not at all. They don’t give me that figure. I mean, why am I concerned whether it is 98 or 89 or something? I am not concerned about the figures.

BLITZER: Let me…

MUSHARRAF: What difference does it make if we are 94 or whether it’s
54 or 94 or 150 or — what does that mean?

p. To be fair, I’m not sure there are that many leaders of states with nuclear weapons who know exactly how many they have.

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