Blog Future

Devising a new one. Suggestions are welcome.


I can’t blog about arms control, so some meta-thinking is, unfortunately, in order. We rarely get meta around here, but that’s what it’s come to.

5 thoughts on “Blog Future

  1. Matt

    My only suggestion would be to back off on the navel-gazing. I subscribed for the solid arms control analysis, I’m unsubscribing for the relentless “here’s what my status is as a blogger”.

  2. Allen Thomson

    One of my frustrations with the blog format is that it comes and goes and things get forgotten. My pet peeve is the discussion about the putative Syrian/North Korean reactor. Many good and useful things have appeared in the couple of blogs that have discussed the matter, but they scroll off the bottom and get lost and then the thread closes.

    Would it be possible to use a moderated wiki attached to a blog to hold such discussions together, let people add material at later times?

  3. Andy

    Not knowing you, it’s hard to give advice. I know a lot of people who must restrict their blogging because of professional concerns and they all focus either on family or hobbies, maybe with some current events thrown in. Hate to see TWK go, but you putting food on the table is more important than a blog.

  4. Yossi

    I support Allen Thomson’s suggestion. Being a “fan” of the alleged Syrian reactor myself and knowing others who like this enigma I guess such a wiki will be a success.


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