Two Random NK Missile Thoughts

A bit overshadowed by the “news of the day”:, but I had two questions about the recent North Korean missile launch that I wanted to get down on, um, paper:

1. I have not read every report that there is to read, but no one seems to say that the second two stages of the missile separated. That is interesting, given that the last two stages of the TD-1 that was tested in 1998 also failed to separate. Is North Korea having the same problem with this missile?

2. On the same day in 2006 that North Korea tested the TD-2, Pyongyang also tested “six other missiles.”: Why just the one this time?

And speaking of “said news”: of the day, it’s worth remembering that North Korea tested its nuclear explosive device about three months after the failed July 2006 missile test. Just saying.


Josh and I are really “good”: at “coordinating.”:

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