NK Boots IAEA Again

Well. “This don’t look good:”:http://www.iaea.org/NewsCenter/PressReleases/2009/prn200903.html

bq. The Democratic PeopleĀ“s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has today informed IAEA inspectors in the Yongbyon facility that it is *immediately ceasing all cooperation* with the IAEA. It has requested the removal of *all containment and surveillance equipment, following which, IAEA inspectors will no longer be provided access to the facility.* The inspectors have also been asked to *leave the DPRK at the earliest possible time.*

Adding insult to the injury:

bq. The DPRK also informed the IAEA that it has decided to reactivate all facilities and *go ahead with the reprocessing* of spent fuel.

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