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In case the “pictures”: aren’t enough, here are words to go with.

A number of claims about Iran’s Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) can be gleaned from the Iranian press. According to “Mehr News”:

bq. The FMP will produce 10 tons of nuclear fuel annually to feed the 40-megawatt Arak heavy water reactor and 30 tons for light water reactors such as the Bushehr power plant and other plants that Iran intends to build.

And according to an “earlier ISNA report”:, there will be multiple process lines to handle the different needs of the LWRs and the Arak HWR:

Solatsana also said all stages for producing nuclear fuel assemblies are carried out by Iranian experts and added Isfahan’s FMP has designed different tablet producing lines for different reactors.

Arak reactor needs 150 nuclear fuel assemblies.

As if to address the concerns raised “here”: and more lately in the “news media”:, ISNA quotes an “AEOI official”:, who assures us that, yes, the LEU will be made into LWR fuel:

The deputy head of the organization, Mohammad Saeedi also said Iran’s nuclear advancement serves the nation’s interests and on the other hand allays the West concerns by proving that its uranium enrichment aims to provide fuel for reactors.

Production of nuclear fuel assemblies in Isfahan’s Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) must have ended the West ambiguities on Iran’s fuel cycle because it showed that the final purpose of Iran’s enrichment activities is to produce fuel assemblies for research and electricity-generating reactors of the country, he added.

We’re all looking forward to that.

Until that day arrives, here’s some recommended reading on the subject from “Ivanka Barzashka and Ivan Oelrich”: at FAS, plus “Geoff Forden”: at ACW.

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