Sarkozy on NATO

Video of the French president’s address to the “Foundation for Strategic Research”: is “here”:–video-3-1044.html.

If there are any good bits for nuclear wonks, I’ll try to post the English text when I see it.

In the meantime, dig those hand gestures.

Update: Reader Ferdinand, with sharper eyes than mine, has spotted the “document complet”: Thanks, Ferdinand!

2 thoughts on “Sarkozy on NATO

  1. Ferdinand

    This is what I found in a quick search of the pdf:


    Naturellement nous allons conserver notre dissuasion nucléaire indépendante.


    On peut avoir un dialogue sur la dissuasion, on doit
    avoir un dialogue sur le désarmement, mais la décision nucléaire ne se partage pas.


    Naturally we will maintain our independent nuclear deterrent.


    We may have a dialogue about deterrence, we must have a dialogue about disarmament, but the nuclear decision cannot be a shared one.


    The translation is mine, and comes with no guarantees.
    By the way, thanks for all the interesting posts so far, Joshua.


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