Having One’s Yellowcake and Eating It, Too

From the Russian Interfax news agency:

Tehran, 25 February: Iran has confirmed its interest in the international uranium enrichment centre in Angarsk, but insists on retaining its own uranium enrichment programme, Vice-President Gholamreza Aqazadeh has told Russian journalists.

“We have given an affirmative reply long ago,” he said, answering a question about Iran’s interest in participating in this project. “On condition that this cooperation will not create obstacles for us in achieving our aims,” he added.

Aqazadeh recalled that Iran has its own enrichment plant. “But this is not an impediment (for taking part in the international enrichment centre),” he said. He added that Iran has a large nuclear energy development programme.

Aqazadeh positively evaluated the progress in implementing the construction project of the first Iranian nuclear power plant Bushehr. “Everything now looks very effective,” he said, commenting on the results of visiting the construction site.

Speaking about possible projects with Russia, he said that in this “everything depends on the Russian side”. “Iran may be a good market for Russian industry,” Aqazadeh added.

He said that Russia and Iran plans to set up a joint venture to use the Bushehr nuclear plant after its launch, and “this is a great step for our further cooperation”.

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