Track I and a Half in Pyongyang

Tonight’s “Presidential press conference”: touched on three hot nuclear-diplomacy issues: engaging Iran, launching post-START talks with Russia, and strengthening the nonproliferation treaty regime.

One subject not touched on was North Korea. Intriguingly, though, a revolving procession of U.S. academics and think-tankers in and out of Pyongyang is now underway, with each delegation followed shortly by the next, or so it seems. Two such delegations are mentioned “here”:, and I’ve also heard of another.

This isn’t exactly Track II diplomacy, since the NK interlocutors are government officials — call it Track I and Half.

This sort of thing has been going on for years, actually, but the pace seems to have picked up. The “recently concluded visit led by Stephen Bosworth”: of Tufts University may be of special interest, since he’s allegedly in line to be a “special envoy to North Korea”:

_Update: The reports about Bosworth appear to be pure speculation and rumor._

Update II: Now Bosworth supposedly will be a “part-time envoy”:

This year’s top wonk memento has got to be an “Air Koryo”: air sickness bag.

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