Arms Control Person(s) of the Year

‘Tis that time of year again. Among the nominees are:

* Jonas Gahr Støre

* Chris Hill

* Tom Fingar

and many more…

“*Vote here*”:–fYqIx8Q.

I am, of course, “predictably biased”: towards the Central Asian legislators.

One thought on “Arms Control Person(s) of the Year

  1. AA

    The Central Asians probably made a good deal. A brilliant study by Prof. Maoz shows that Israel didn’t benefit much from its nuclear weapons. The damage, however, is clear: no nuclear power plants, probably triggering the 1967 and 1973 wars and of course feeding the culturally embedded xenophobia.

    I wouldn’t vote for Chris Hill. I admit I didn’t follow the negotiations with North Korea but it seems that whenever the NK agreed to something the US interpreted this as a sign of weakness and unilaterally changed the rules of the game forcing NK to quit. Neocon strivings for absolute dominance typically led to human disasters and political stalemates.


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