Rosatom Shows Off Nuclear Projects

“Prod. Prod. Prod.”:

I have been meaning to highlight Rosatom’s “Blogstroyka website”: for some time. However, the blog, which has just 6 posts, hasn’t been updated since November 26.

Maybe it’s the credit crunch.

And sadly, there are no Bushehr highlights on the blog… Yet?

But the blog features a neat “post about Kudankulam”:, which has pictures of the famous (“in my book”: wave cutter. And there are also some pics of NPPs that Atomstroyexport is constructing in China (“here”: and “here”: that are worth a glance.

There is also this video on NPP construction.

Oh yeah, with all the money Rosatom is dumping into outreach to English-speakers with multiple websites (“this”:, “this”:, “this”:, “this”:, and more), I really wish they’d invest in a good translator instead. It was funny at one point. But today, “stuff like this”: is just sad and embarrassing.

And, while I don’t speak Japanese, this “pdf-based effort to provide some information to Japanese-speakers”: on the old Minatom website, which only has _Russian-language navigation_, seems kind of weird.

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