J Bolton Changes Tune on Iran?

Well, sorta.

Today, I went to an “AEI event”:http://aei.org/events/eventID.1850,filter.all,type.past/event_detail.asp where Bolton and Gary Milhollin were speaking about Iran’s nuclear program. Long story short, it looks like Bolton has essentially thrown in the towel on Iran. He thinks Tehran will inevitably acquire nuclear weapons and that the only possible way to stop this is by attacking its nuclear facilities – an action that, in Bolton’s opinion, neither the Bush nor Obama administrations will take. Therefore, he argues, the United States and its allies need to think about ways to deter and contain Tehran, though he is not sanguine about that course of action.

Now, I said “sorta” at the beginning because Bolton still thinks that the United States _should_ have been more hardline on Tehran in the past and, as I noted above, that military force is a good idea.

Happy Tuesday.

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