Ah, That Explains Everything

S. Sestanovich in the November/December 2008 issue of _Foreign Affairs_:

bq. Many U.S. foreign policy specialists look at the return of arms control with a *mixture of boredom and regret*. Most stopped viewing Russia as an interesting security problem years ago. In the U.S. military, Russian issues are no longer where the promotions are. When civilian experts bother with the issue of strategic arms reductions, it is usually *not because they think that the U.S.-Russian strategic balance matters* but because they want to revive attention to some related issue, such as “loose” nuclear weapons and materials or the need for the United States and Russia to strengthen nonproliferation efforts by making large cuts in their own arsenals. It is telling that the most significant arms control idea of recent years, advanced by the Cold War veterans Kissinger, Sam Nunn, William Perry, and George Shultz, has been nuclear abolition. *Mere nuclear parity apparently bores them, too.*

“Whole thing here”:http://www.foreignaffairs.org/20081001faessay87602/stephen-sestanovich/what-has-moscow-done.html.

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