TW India Weekend Special: The Russia Edition

The NSG waiver is a pleasant surprise that comes before Dmitriy Medvedev’s “December visit ^rus^”: to New Delhi. As a reminder, Atomstroyexport has been building 2 units at Kudankulam since 2002. In January 2007, Rosatom and India‚Äôs Department of Atomic Energy signed a “memorandum of understanding on nuclear cooperation”:, which articulated future plans.

When the MoU was signed, there was “a firm agreement”: on the construction of *4 additional units at Kudankulam* (which would bring the total number of units up to 6 at the site, all VVER-1000, constructed by Atomstroyexport). However, for over a year and a half now, *the Russians have patiently held off on consummating this agreement until the NSG waiver was in place*. The wait is now seemingly over.

As I “wrote here”:, some say the Russian nuclear industry “expect[s] to *gain 25-30%* of the Indian nuclear energy market” and *build up to 10* reactors. But *we shall see whether additional projects for Atomstroyexport will be firmed up during the December Russo-Indian summit*…

By the way, construction of the two grandfathered units at Kudankulam is moving forward. In late June, Atomstroyexport “completed shipments of fuel assemblies”: to the site (as has been “noted elsewhere”: In July, the “progress of physical construction”: of the units was at *86.9%* and *76.4%*. The Joint Coordinating Committee on Construction of Kudankulam has also “just finished meeting in Moscow”:

Finally, here’s “a link ^rus^”: if you are interested in finding a job with Atomstroyexport. (Though they are picky in terms of who they hire, as “I previously noted”:

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