Nuclear Fishing

It’s time for another segment of “_Russian Nuclear Recreation_.” (For “likbez”:, see previous posts on “*nuclear camping*”: and “*nuclear cycling*”:

This (looong) weekend you should consider *fishing at a pond next to a nuclear power plant*. This is what over seventy people did a few days back as part of a fishing tournament put on by the “Kursk NPP”: at Semyonovsky pond near Kurchatov, according to “this press release”:…

Present and former employees of Kursk NPP and five more companies… took part in the tournament. *There were lots of women among the fishermen*.

At first, the fishers cleaned up the shore of the pond. They fished for *as long as four hours* and *caught lots of fish: some of the fishers caught several kilograms*.

The *winner of the tournament Viktor Mezentsev from Decontamination Department of Kursk NPP caught 3.179 kg*. He was followed by Anatoly Koptev (TsRP) and Viktor Naymushin (Kursk NPP). *Pensioner Tatiana Khrushkova caught the biggest fish*.


“We have never seen so many fishers in one and the same place. *Fishing is not just catching fish but talking and exchanging views and ideas. Such events strengthen our corporate and communal spirit*,” [chairman of the Trade Union of Kursk NPP Alexander] Apalkov said.

*_I agree with Apalkov, but I still think that Blinky says it better!_*


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