Lavrov Weekend Special

Sergey Lavrov has a really good essay in _Russia in Global Affairs_. Here is an excerpt…

bq. It is *gratifying* that in the course of the current U.S. presidential campaign *voices are growing louder in favor of preserving and developing the disarmament and arms control process*. Such cooperation *alone* would be enough to *ensure stability* for our bilateral relations, until there is mutual readiness for their substantial modernization in accordance with the requirements of the times.

“The whole thing is worth a read”: And not just because he manages to quote Henry Kissinger, Condi Rice, and the Russian poet “Fyodor Tyutchev”:, as well as invoke de Tocqueville alongside Richard Haass…. all in one article. In any case, I guess he decided not to try to get it into _Foreign Affairs_ after the “fiasco”: with “this article”: last summer.

Finally, he has a good point in this most recent essay about keeping security architecture projects like missile defense deployment and NATO expansion “frozen where they are now” for the time being. But some things, alas, are “frozen no more”:

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