UAE to Give 10 Mil to Fuel Bank

See “NTI’s news release ^PDF^”: which says that

bq. The international fuel bank proposed by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) *received a significant boost today with a $10 million commitment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)*…The UAE joins NTI, the United States government ($50 million) and the government of Norway ($5 million) in making contributions to the IAEA fuel bank, which was announced by NTI and Warren Buffett in September 2006. NTIĀ“s $50 million contribution is contingent on the IAEA receiving an additional $100 million in funding, or an equivalent value of low enriched uranium, to jump-start the reserve and the IAEA taking the necessary actions to approve establishment of the reserve.

Happy Thursday!

*Update:* See “UAE release”: and “IAEA release”: too.

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