Last Round of INA Nonpro Sanctions to Expire Monday

The (last ever) round of nonproliferation sanctions levied under the “Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000”: (referred to as INPA, although I still like “INA” more) on “28 July 2006”: is set to expire this coming Monday for the companies listed below.

*These three kids can play ball:*

* Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
* India’s Balaji Amines
* India’s Prachi Poly Products

Just a note that INA sanctions against India’s Sabero Organics Gujarat Ltd and Sandhya Organics Ltd (“which ACW blogged about back in 2005”: expired last December.

*These two kids from the DPRK will have to sit it out on the bench for a little (or a lot?) while longer:*

* Korea Pugang Trading Corporation
* Korean Mining and Industrial Development Corporation (KOMID)

Though their INA sanctions expire on Monday too, they are still sanctioned as part of “Executive Order 13382”: The latter “enterprise” is also sanctioned according to provisions of the “AECA/EAA”:, the “Iran and Syria Nonproliferation Act or ISNA”:, and “Executive Order 12938”:

*And last but not least:*

* Rosoboronexport — though its INA sanctions expire, it has to wait for a clean slate until 28 December, when its “ISNA sanctions”: are set to run out. (Unless, of course, I was wrong “about the S-300”: and Rosoboronexport gets itself into trouble again.)

_Bye-bye INA!_

And if you have nothing better to do this weekend, you should check out the classic RAND treatment of nonproliferation sanctions authored by Richard Speier, “available here”:

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