Remembering the DIY Cruise Missile

Last one for the day… Since I will be missing it (_sigh_), I thought that I’d use this DIY CM video as a reminder of Thursday’s launch of *Dennis Gormley’s* “book on the threat of cruise missiles”: Yes, I am shamelessly “plugging it again”: Event info “is here”:

You may remember the story of the New Zealand engineer Bruce Simpson, who a few years back decided to build a cruise missile in his garage using commercial off-the-shelf technology and distribute his “construction diary” to those “wanting to buy his know-how,” reportedly including individuals from Iran. Chapter 6 of “Gormley’s book”:, on *tacit knowledge*, discusses this incident and its implications in great detail. One of the conclusions is that

bq. “Although Simpson had access to the all the materials needed to build a small missile, it is *not clear that he possessed all the specialized skills required to integrate subcomponents into a successful product*. Furthermore, *it should not be assumed that Simpson’s skills in building a pulse-jet engine can readily be transferred, absorbed, and successfully replicated by means of a $32 investment and several hours of time given over to a CD-ROM*.”


One thought on “Remembering the DIY Cruise Missile

  1. Bruce Simpson

    I suggest Dennis Gormley do a little research before assuming the skills of someone such as myself. He would doubtless be surprised to learn that I now run a business designing and building sophisticated UAVs. He might also want to invest in a copy of my book when it’s released later this year. I think he’ll be surprised at what he finds between its covers.


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