Another post from ACA’s Peter Crail:

This isn’t really nonproliferation related…unless what the plaintiffs “allege”: is actually possible, in which case CERN could be said to be developing a weapon of mass destruction.

The federal government today struck back in force against a lawsuit that has raised an alarm over the world’s biggest particle collider. In 40 documents comprising hundreds of pages, attorneys and government officials contended that “scientifically, there is no basis for any conceivable threat” from black holes or the other theoretical horrors posed in the suit.

The civil suit, filed in Hawaii’s U.S. District Court in March, contends that Europe’s Large Hadron Collider might destroy the earth by creating microscopic black holes or other exotic phenomena. The plaintiffs in the case – Spanish science writer Luis Sancho and Walter Wagner, a retired nuclear physicist who lives in Hawaii – want the court to put a hold on collider operations to leave more time for safety reviews.

I wonder…would stopping this be considered a Proliferation Security Initiative “success”:

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