Camping Options

*Got kids?* This summer you may want to consider sending them to Russia’s “*Atom Camp*”: which is

bq. “an excellent opportunity for the children to spend interesting and useful holidays, to improve their health, to find new friends and, most importantly, to *feel that they are part of the life of Smolensk NPP* and its satellite city, Desnogorsk.”

But the best part is that

bq. “*This year the children* will be involved in useful activities: particularly, they *will take part in a clean-up of the dam of the cooling pond of Smolensk NPP*.”

If you think that this may be too much for your little ones, you could always try something simpler… Like the DPRK’s “*Mangyongdae Children’s Camp*”:, where

bq. “The campers … visit the old home of President Kim Il Sung in Mangyongdae and the wrestling ground, the study site and other revolutionary historical sites to learn from the glorious childhood of the President [as well as attend] the International Friendship Exhibition, where *they renew their great pride in having President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il whom the whole world reveres and respects*.”

But of course, you could also pack your car and do a “_Nuclear Family Vacation_”:,0,94618.story (and no, don’t be thinking “Griswolds”:

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