Too Much Transparency Never Hurt Anyone?

At June’s “Atomcon”:, Rosatom unveiled a website, intended to allow the Russian public to -control their iodine intake- check radiation background info on nuclear power facilities all over the country with a click and a zoom. I guess this was Rosatom’s way of dealing with hackers, whose attacks on NPP websites helped spread panic over a “non-existent radiation leak at a nuclear plant in St. Petersburg”: in May.

The website is basically a map of the country – “check it out”: – and you can flip between map and google-powered satellite view. Sadly, I can’t zoom to see close-ups of my birthplace – the “beautiful Magadan”:

Anyway, my senior colleague “Cristina Hansell”: discovered today that the website also allows easy access to and close-up view of amazing things like the “Rybachiy Submarine Base”: on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where the Russian Navy bases several SSBNs (see “Podvig”: and “NTI”: A sample pic is posted below and you can “download a larger version here”: Kinda funny, don’t you think?


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