Statement of Progress on What?

Yesterday, the Department of State and the Russian MID released a statement titled “*One Year of _Progress_ Following the Joint Declaration on Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation*.” (“MID text”:
See link to the 2007 joint declaration in an “earlier post”:

Progress indeed. Timing to release the statement before the long holiday weekend seems to speak volumes. (Ok, I know, it’s G8 time.) But this is still nice:

bq. “U.S. Special Envoy for Nuclear Nonproliferation, Ambassador “Jackie Wolcott”:, and Russian Ambassador Grigory Berdennikov are working in tandem, and in partnership with others, to advance the objectives of the Joint Declaration.”

Oh yeah, I should also note that the “State version”: has the phrase *”peaceful uses”* underlined in this sentence:

bq. “…U.S. and Russia are prepared to cooperate, together with others, in making the benefits of *peaceful uses* of nuclear energy available to a wide range of interested states, and developing countries in particular.”

_I wonder what “interested states” they have in mind._

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