WMD Whiskey

According to “_Computing_,”:http://www.computing.co.uk/computing-business/analysis/2219327/barrel-4025844 DTRA has been keeping tabs on the “Bruichladdich distillery:”:http://www.bruichladdich.com/

To bolster its standing among the whisky geek community, where no detail is too mundane, Bruichladdich installed webcams around the distillery so that fans could log on to the site and watch the whole process from barley to bottle.

It turned out that it was not just the whisky aficionados watching; so too was the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a US government agency based in Belvoir, Virginia. It is charged with protecting the US and its allies from the threat of chemical and biological weapons.


When Bruichladdich asked why the agency was interested in a distillery in a remote Scottish location, *the agency said that the process of manufacturing chemical weapons and distilling whisky were very similar so it was using the Bruichladdich web site to train its operatives.*

I especially like the fact that the distillery learned of DTRA’s monitoring after the agency “emailed to complain that the distillery’s webcam was out of action.”

Also of note: Bruichladdich took the occasion to launch a “WMD: a whisky of mass distinction.” In fact, they have
“WMD 1 – The Weapons Inspectors”:http://www.laddieshop.com/acatalog/Collectors_Archive_Releases.html and “WMD-II: The Yellow Submarine”:http://www.bruichladdich.com/wwwproduct/pdfsheets/wmd2/wmd2taste.pdf

[Via “Danger Room”:http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/06/pentagon-agency.html ]

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