PSI Metrics: Rood Vs. Hadley

Figuring out how the world has changed post-PSI has “always been”: a bit of a challenge. J Rood and S Hadley took a stab at defining some metrics for success late last month as the Bush administration took the 5th anniversary of the initiative to talk about how awesome it is.

Not sure it worked out, though. Here’s what Rood said to some reporters, “according to _AFP_:”:

bq. “Metric (of success) number one: we have 90 countries participating in just five years,”

Rood also urged “reporters not to ‘measure PSI’s success from the number of scalps.’ ”

Hadley, though, “said something different”: the next day:

bq. Today, more than 90 nations have endorsed its principles. Yet *the success of PSI can’t be measured by the number of nations it embraces, but by the effect they have on the ground.*

Gotta workshop the talking points some more, I guess.

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