Geek Check! Part Deux

In the spirit of “this post”: by Paul from a few years back, just a note that the 2007 version of the “*IAEA/OECD Red Book* is out”: An “OECD/NEA press release”: notes that the 2007 Red Book

bq. estimates the identified amount of conventional uranium resources which can be mined for less than USD 130/kg to be about _5.5 million tonnes_, up from the _4.7 million tonnes_ reported in 2005. Undiscovered resources, i.e. uranium deposits that can be expected to be found based on the geological characteristics of already discovered resources, have also risen to _10.5 million tonnes_. This is an increase of _0.5 million tonnes_ compared to the previous edition of the report. The increases are due to both new discoveries and re-evaluations of known resources, encouraged by higher prices.

You can (*and should*) spend the weekend reading the whole thing “*HERE*”:

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