Mapping Civil HEU Minimization

Before you take off to enjoy the long weekend, here is a shameless plug for the NTI/CNS “Civilian HEU Reduction & Elimination”: pages, which we just updated to reflect the great progress made by the “Global Threat Reduction Initiative”:, most notably, the completion of Soviet-origin HEU fuel “removal from Latvia”:, announced last week. *The Latvia removal brought the total up to about “603.7 kg”: of both spent and fresh HEU fuel* (yes, you can check my math).

My favorite page is the “Civil HEU Stock Map”:, which we also just updated (I made a “handy factsheet [PDF]”: too). The “IPFM”: also has a cool-looking “HEU Inventory”:, but I tend to think that our map is a little more user-friendly. Of course, the “GTRI Map [PDF]”: is also quite nice.

And, to conclude, here a neat picture of casks that were used during last year’s HEU removal from the “Czech Republic”: You should also make sure to watch this “cool IAEA video”: that documents the Czech removal.

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