CIA on Syria Reactor Production Capacity

The reactor featured last week in that video had a production capacity of 1-2 SQs of Pu per year, “according to”:;_ylt=AtAZJrysQL72UZFanfm2PwyCscEA CIA director Hayden. This is apparently based on the assessment that the reactor was the same size as the Nork reactor at Yongbyon.

The reactor was of a “similar size and technology” to North Korea’s Yongbyon reactor, Hayden said, disputing speculation it was smaller than the Korean facility.

“We would estimate that the production rate there would be about the same as Yongbyon, which is about enough plutonium for one or two weapons per year,” he said.

Too bad there isn’t some international agency with the capacity to provide an independent assessment of this sort of thing…

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