Wanna Work at Bushehr? Now You Can!

“Atomstroyexport”:http://www.atomstroyexport.com/ has listed *two job vacancies in Iran*, one of them is on site at the Bushehr NPP (the actual listings are in Russian, sorry).

The “first listing”:http://www.atomstroyexport.ru/actual/?id=355 is for an *English-language translator*, apparently to be based in Tehran. In order to be considered, one must be a *male, under 45 years of age*, computer-literate, with advanced translation and interpretation education and experience. For the digs at the Bushehr NPP, Atomstroyexport is “seeking”:http://www.atomstroyexport.ru/actual/?id=285 a *procurement engineer*, who must also be a *male, under 50*, computer-literate, with advanced technical education, and experience of working at an NPP (particularly with cooling and ventilation equipment).

I won’t comment on my personal eligibility aside from admitting that (among other things) my lack of experience with cooling and ventilation equipment disqualifies me from applying. I’ll also note that a Moscow-based translation/interpretation position at Atomstroyexport “calls for”:http://www.atomstroyexport.ru/actual/?id=260 both male and female applicants, sets no age requirements, AND offers medical insurance unlike the position in Tehran. Nevertheless, here is the *contact info* (in English) for “Atomstroyexport’s offices in Iran”:http://www.atomstroyexport.com/about/Countries%20of%20presence/.

*Update:* Maybe Atomstroyexport needs to hire some “export control”:http://uk.reuters.com/article/oilRpt/idUKHAF33311920080423 experts too.

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