Schooling Nuclear Wonks Po-Russki

I came across this a couple of days ago and thought that the readers that speak some Russian might enjoy it. (The non-Russian speakers should either enjoy the graphics or find someone to translate. Trust me, it’s worth it!) 🙂

Russia’s RosEnergoAtom recently launched a very funky educational website for school-age children titled “Nuclear Energy for Students and Schoolchildren”: It features tutorial sections that answer questions such as “What is nuclear energy,” “Why nuclear energy,” as well as a quiz. The quiz is actually not that easy unless one completes the tutorials first. (It goes from questions such as “What does VVER stand for?” to trivia statistics on how many nuclear power plants operate worldwide.) This website definitely builds on the success of the rather famous “The [Russian] President to School Age Citizens”: website, which was actually recently updated with some election-themed trivia. Check it out!

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