P Crail and Yongbyon Photos

You should be seeing more work from guest-bloggers and new TW.com residents around these parts.

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First up is my successor at ACA, Peter Crail:

Stanford’s Siegfried Hecker, along with his delegation partners Joel Witt and Keith Luse, have posted “pictures”:http://newsphotos.stanford.edu/Hecker/ and “captions”:http://lis-db.stanford.edu/evnts/5220/tr08DPRKcap.pdf
from their visit to Yongbyon last month. The pictures are similar to the ones the State and Energy Departments have been showing in various briefings, but couldn’t share more widely out of concern it would piss off the North Koreans. So now that these pictures are out there, whether their concerns weren’t warranted, or if it was simply okay for them to be shared unofficially, I can’t say. The important thing is, the argument that the six party process has been able to accomplish something concrete (albeit not everything it set out to do for now) can now be publicly backed by visual evidence.

Of course, the place wasn’t exactly pristine to begin with. Kind of like Dr. Strangelove meets the Grapes of Wrath. But we also have to keep in mind that these our the conditions that some of our own technicians have been working in to get this dirty work done.

The above photo is captioned:

bq. Location where two cranes (up-down, left-right) were formerly located. These cranes transferred the spent fuel basket into the receiving hot cell and positioned the basket at the shearing station. (Minus-1 level of reprocessing plant.)

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