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I’ve decided to place a bunch of documents on the blog that I find myself using repeatedly. I think they’re all available elsewhere, but hopefully it will be helpful to have them all in one place. It’ll help me, anyway; perhaps others will also find them useful.

I plan to update them regularly until I run out. But you don’t have to wait for me to put up a blog post – just click the new link on the left side that says “documents.” Some other stuff is available there too. Thanks to Greg the “Hexive”: god for making it happen.

I started with some of the relevant chapters from OTA’s 1993 report _Technologies Underlying Weapons of Mass Destruction._ [Props to “FAS.”: ] To download the documents directly, click these links: “Nuclear Weapons,”: “Chemical Weapons,”: “Biological Weapons,”: “Delivery Vehicles.”:

A companion paper can be found “here.”: I had trouble uploading the whole thing, so click the link.

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