Algiers Accords

Quick post from a cool little coffee shop/flower shop/art gallery in Littleton, NH.

Barbara Slavin argued at a “recent CAP event”: that people interested in Iran ought to take a look at the 1981 Algiers Accords.

I agree. “Here they are.”:


Link fixed. Also, per the recommendation of a reader, I should point out that Barbara Slavin emphasized the below portion of the agreement when she spoke. It’s interesting, given subsequent U.S. policies:

The United States pledges that it is and from now on will be the policy of the United States not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran’s internal affairs.

2 thoughts on “Algiers Accords

  1. SQ

    You know what they say about oral promises: not worth the paper they’re written on. And that’s not even considering the circumstances of duress that this particular pledge was induced in.

    There are plenty of reasons to question the half-baked democracy-promotion plan in the Iran policy of the Bush administration — I take that to be the context of Barbara Slavin’s comments. But the Algiers Accord is not an especially good one.


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