J Bolton on the NIE

It’s never the evidence, is it?

bq. Bolton: Well, I think it’s potentially wrong, but I would also say, *many of the people who wrote this are former State Dept employees who during their career at the State Dept never gave much attention to the threat of the Iranian program. Now they are writing as (fingers quote) ‘members of the intelligence community’ the same opinions that they’ve had four and five years ago.*

Five years ago was 2002. But, you know, details…

[via “C&L”:http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/12/04/bolton-not-swayed-in-the-slightest-by-the-nie-on-iran/ ]

2 thoughts on “J Bolton on the NIE

  1. Matt

    The best part was in yesterday’s NYT when Bolton flat out said that all of this could just mean that Iran has become better at hiding its activities.

    Sometimes, red really is red and evidence of absence really is evidence of absence.


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