Indian Embassy Statement on the Nuclear Deal

You’ve likely seen it, but “here is”: the Indian embassy’s statement about the 123 agreement:

bq. The Prime Minister also explained to President Bush that certain difficulties have arisen with respect to the operationalisation of the India – US civil nuclear cooperation agreement.

The Press Trust of India reported a bit more detail on 16 October. Apparently US Ambassador to India David Mulford got some more information from External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee during a meeting the previous evening:

During the 45-minute meeting, *Mukherjee is understood to have conveyed to Mulford the political compulsions the UPA [United Progressive Alliance] government have in not going ahead with the deal for now, but expressed the determination to push it through at later stage.*

The US envoy articulated his country’s main concern about the future of the deal in the wake of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remark at the Hindustan Times Leadership summit here that non-implementation of the agreement was not the end of life.

Not sure how much determination the Indians are conveying, but there it is.

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