Yet Another IAEA Report on Iran

Now that I have no reliable internet access at home, I am an even worse blogger.

Anyhow, I’m late to the party, but both “Andreas Persbo”: and “ISIS”: (not “this”: ISIS) have copies of the latest IAEA report about Iran. [ISIS also has an “issue brief”: about the report.]

In addition to the latest news about Tehran’s enrichment escapades, the report also describes the “recent deal”: between the agency and Iran. I was suspicious that the document relased a few days before might have contained a bit of Iranian spin on the arrangement. But apparently not.

Speaking of that deal, I have a ton of respect for David Albright and Jackie Shire who, along with various others, have “described”: the arrangement as “flawed.” But I don’t see what the fuss is about.

It’s true that the arrangement has its problems, but I don’t see anything in it that precludes the IAEA from fully pursuing its investigation of Iran’s nuclear programs. For one thing, the relevant UNSC resolutions, which require Tehran to resolve the outstanding nuclear issues, ratify its additional protocol, and suspend enrichment, remain in force. For another, the sanctions that have already been imposed won’t be lifted without Iran’s compliance.

Additionally, the language in ElBaradei’s report suggests that the IAEA intends to be pretty serious about its investigation:

bq. Naturally, the *key to successful implementation of the agreed work plan is Iran’s full and active cooperation with the Agency, and its provision to the Agency of all relevant information and access to all relevant documentation and individuals to enable the Agency to resolve all outstanding issues.* To this end, the Agency considers it essential that Iran adheres to the time line defined therein and implements all the necessary safeguards and transparency measures, including the measures provided for in the Additional Protocol.

I’m inclined to give the agency a chance.

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