PKerr Is Out

After five years at ACA, I am leaving to take a position at the Congressional Research Service. I figure this is faster than sending out a mass email which will undoubtedly miss some key people. (This, by contrast, will reach the dozen or so people who actually read this blog.)

ACA is a great organization that, frankly, more people ought to pay attention to. I wish everyone there nothing but the best.

I start 20 August after a bit of a vacation. I will continue to blog here unless/until someone tells me that I can’t.

My email address is in the link under the “About” section.

5 thoughts on “PKerr Is Out

  1. Robot Economist

    Congrats on the new position Paul! CRS jobs are pretty competitive, especially when it comes to slots on their national security team.

    We can only hope that you boss’s paranoia won’t interfere with the blog.

  2. JJC

    Congratulations! I think more people read this blog than you would like to admit, ha. So who is the lucky person taking over for you at ACA?


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