Nuclear Diplomacy: A Tutorial

Let us review some of the Bush administration’s efforts at nuclear diplomacy:

* Iran: Don’t talk to Iran in 2003 when you have the chance. Wait until its uranium enrichment program is further along and _then_ try and get it to stop.

* North Korea: Don’t take North Korea up on its offer to negotiate about U.S. concerns over its enrichment program in October 2002. Get serious about negotiating _after_ the Norks test a weapon.

* Iraq: Ignore both the UNSC and UN inspectors. Find out Iraq has no WMD _after_ you invade.

* India: “Give away the store”: and wreck the NPT.

To be fair, I’ll add

* Libya: Get a chance to do something right and don’t eff it up.

Here’s some live Carcass from 1992:

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Diplomacy: A Tutorial

  1. Robot Economist

    Well, 1 out of 5 is better than 0 out of 5. That should prevent a global catastrophy long enough to build a bunker next to the Nuge’s extreme bowhunting retreat/survival compound, right?

  2. Michael Roston

    I think you’re being charitable to Libya indeed. It’s more like “give away a bunch of nuclear parts we haven’t figured out how to put together and finally get an Embassy from the US because Bush has screwed up everything his State Department has touched and it’s the right moment.”

    But, you know, that’s just my take…


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