New Iranian Video Game

I doubt this will be available for my MacBook anytime soon, but MNA “reports”: that a new Iranian nuclear-themed video game is to hit the streets on Monday.

It sounds pretty sweet:

The main character of the game enters several countries in eight stages.

In the game, *two nuclear physicists, Saeid Kusha and his wife Maryam, are detained by U.S. troops during their journey to Karbala, Iraq.*

*In order to win the game, Iranian security officer Bahman Nasseri, who is a friend of Kusha’s father, must free Maryam and Saeid.* He also finds out that several other Iranians are imprisoned in Iraq’s prisons.

Fortunately, there’s a discount for your children b/c the game appears to be aimed at kids.

Says MNA

bq. The game will be sold at a discounted price compared to other cultural products so that it will be accessible to all children.

Get in line.

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2 thoughts on “New Iranian Video Game

  1. michael

    I don’t think it is a bad idea, in america we have had video games depicting attacks on other countries for years. Plus, video games are a non- violent way to release stress.


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