How Blogging Works

People occasionally ask me about blogging, almost certainly because of the amount of cash I am raking in.

Therefore, I present “Tbogg’s summary”: of how -part of- the right-wing blogosphere works:

Campaigns should bypass the EmEssEm and go straight to the alpha bloggers who will uncritically repackage the campaigns bullshit.

*Secondary bloggers, also known as lampreys, will link to the alpha bloggers in hopes of getting a reciprocating link boosting their hit counts which they will then use to convince their significant others/parents/imaginary girlfriends/cats that they are indeed “citizen journalists” and don’t need to get “a real job”, “out of the basement”, or “enlist”.*

*This swarming of bloggers, also known as a “circle jerk”, will be picked up by Matt Drudge who will link to the topic if there isn’t any news about the royal family (Lady Di/Prince Harry/Madonna) that day*

The Politico will link to Matt Drudge because he “rocks their world”.

Left wing blogs will mock the Politico

Joe Klein will think they are talking about him and blame Atrios

There will be calls for civility

Lather rinse repeat

Keep those in mind.

Full disclosure: I live in a basement, but it is not owned by my parents.

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