Iran and UF6 – A Bit More

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In “this post,”: I talked about the quality of Iran’s UF6 and excerpted an item from “this”: _ACT_ article:

Iran has had difficulty producing uranium hexafluoride of sufficient purity, but its conversion capabilities appear to be improving, said both the Vienna diplomat and the State Department official. Uranium hexafluoride with high levels of contaminants can corrode centrifuges when used as feedstock.

The United States assesses that Iran’s uranium hexafluoride is now of high enough quality that it will not damage the centrifuge, the State Department source said

Anyway, while doing research for my forthcoming _ACT_ masterpiece, I found something “more recent”: that I wrote about the subject:

bq. Asked about the purity of Iran’s uranium hexafluoride, sources close to the IAEA told _Arms Control Today_ June 7 [2006] that, *based on the large amount of feedstock Iran has produced, the agency assumes that the material is “of reasonable quality.”*

As I “said”:, “There are legitimate questions about the quality of Iran’s UF6, but I wouldn’t be too sanguine that all of it sucks.”

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  1. Matt

    For this impending ACT masterpiece, are there any juicy insights into the country origins of the UF6?


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