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TBogg has a “post”: up titled “Dispatches from the Republic of Dumb” in which he describes a bunch of ideas from a congressman.

This, I think, would be the one of most interest to readers of this blog:


Create a website similar to Wikipedia for Americans to sign up and then contribute ideas for a unique intelligence estimate the the DNI can draw from as desired and as need be. *This “Outside the Circle” thinking will help intelligence officials dream of terrorist plots and foreign intelligence estimates at home and abroad without much overhead of hiring analysts.* Though “spies” could unfortunately participate in this, ideally the good information provided by millions of Americans would outweigh the bad.

The punchline:

bq. I think that last one was was submitted by dougf@f*

One thought on “Silly Intel

  1. Andy

    I’m laughing because it’s so unbelievably dumb but also I’m crying because I bet there will be an earmark funding it in the future.


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