Port Rescue: Defense in the Firing Line

That’s the name of a new video game produced by “Iranian programmers,” “according to”:http://www.mehrnews.com/en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=479188 the Mehr News Agency.

You know you want this. According to MNA:

The story takes place in Iran during the World War II.

“Port Rescue” consists of seven stages. First, the user gets familiar with the whole idea of the game, and then enters the marine war in the second stage. Confrontation with the enemy takes place in the third stage, and in the fourth, the captain and the enemy’s commander meet.

At the fifth stage, the captain and his crew attack the enemy at midnight. They later have to kill the enemy forces that are on the verge of attacking the city. In the final stage, the enemy’s airforce is destroyed in order to prevent them entering the port (Anzali Port, in northern Iran).

The faster the user plays the game, the more points he will get. At the end of each stage, a medal of bravery is granted to the person with the highest score, and whoever gains four medals will be the winner.

Order it this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Port Rescue: Defense in the Firing Line

  1. Robot Economist

    No offense to the “Iranian programmers,” but who would want to play their game now that they have disclosed the entire plot. This is probably one of the few times when a little Iranian ambiguity might be a good thing.


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